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How To Slay Your Thanksgiving Week!

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Thanksgiving Week doesn’t mean you let up on your goals – We at KM Mahopac have put together some tips/tricks to help you slay your holiday!
PLAN AHEAD: Study your Food List BEFORE the Holiday: Starting today, Check out what aligns with Thanksgiving favorites:

>> Protein: Chicken very similar to white meat Turkey
>> Veggies: Brussels Sprouts Salad, Broccoli (just ask the host to have sauces on the side)
>> Carbs: Sweet Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce (keep these simple)
NAIL BREAKFAST: You’ll have more balanced blood sugar levels and better energy if your breakfast is spot-on. Use what has been working best for you thus far on this day!
KEEP YOUR SCHEDULE: On a day that is known for overeating and off-kilter meal times, try to keep your meal timing on fleek as much as possible. Don’t ‘skip’ a meal just to try to over-eat later in the day.
SWEAT: Day off of work means no excuses NOT to workout – Do it first thing in the morning before the day gets crazy, take a long walk with your family post dinner to boost digestion and energy. Or you can join us on our modified Turkey Day training schedule
BYO: Bring a dish you know is nutritious and delicious – It will help you navigate the Thanksgiving table and you never know who you’re going to inspire!
HYDRATE: Keep your water up! Rocking your gallon means less cravings, and better satiety (fullness) cues. You can feel festive by rocking bubbly water with some sliced cucumbers and citrus fruits in a fancy glass.
START A NEW TRADITION: Think of new ways to make the holiday special that doesn’t center around food/drink - start a new tradition, activity or destination with family and friends.
"THANKSGIVING IS A MEAL, NOT A SEASON!!!" - Someone wiser than myself

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