Just started training? Here are some tips!

Just started training? Here are some tips!

I am very fortunate in my practices. Ive had a great support system throughout my life. During my career as a professional musician to my full time career as a Krav Maga Instructor, my family and friends have been a huge part of it. I have been blessed with the rare opportunity to focus all of my attention to my practice. This is a luxury that most of the students I teach today do not have. Despite someones desire to want to be a really great student, there are other factors that can restrict your training. So how can you get the most out of it while dealing with work, kids, significant others, sleep, in a 24 hour day? Here are a few quick tips that involve being both in the gym and out.

P.S. I am writing these tips as they relate to Krav Maga training, but they can be easily interpreted to whatever your training is.

Shadow boxing/sparring/self defense

I want to start with this first because it is something I always work on and will continue to use to help my training. Shadow boxing is great! It allows you to practice any techniques, anywhere you want, by yourself. Although having an attacker or pad holder helps immensely, being able to do it alone is great for your technique and aiding in your muscle memory.

One of my favorite stories was actually during a crossfit event I was doing with friends at the Meadowlands arena In NJ (Where the Giants and Jets play). The events were on the turf with over a thousand plus people and as you could imagine was pretty chaotic to try and find other teammates and friends who came to spectate. After about the third event, a friend of mine came over to high five me and said “I knew it was your team about to go because I saw you shadowboxing before you started” lol.

Practice your techniques anywhere and everywhere you can and focus on one thing at a time. This is a great recipe for success in your techniques.

Ask questions!!

This is something I try and make a point to mention at the end of all of my Krav Maga classes. Even if I know a technique or skill, I will ask one of my peers or co-workers their opinion on it. I don’t just ask one person either, I ask as many different people as I can. Students, as well as instructors have their favorites to train with or get advice from. But the truth is that everyone explains things differently. Whether it be because of their background, past experience, even their size and lifestyle plays into the way they teach. You might ask an instructor and he or she might say one sentence, or even just one word in a different way and make you go “Ahaaa!”. That, in my experience has always given me that little piece that was either missing or I might have simply overlooked.

Train often!

This one is the most obvious but could also be the hardest, depending on your schedule. If you are into your skill more than just a slight hobby then start making excuses to get in to train. The days you don’t want to train are always the days that you feel the best afterward. “If you only train when you feel good you will never grow. Training when you really don’t want to is when you find out what you’re made of”.

I Hope these few tips were able to help you in some way. If you have a crazy schedule and still manage to train then please share what helps you.

Have fun, train hard, and never quit!!!

-Rob M

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