Righty or Lefty? How to start becoming familiar on your non dominate side

Righty or Lefty? How to start becoming familiar on your non dominate side

I get asked this all the time while teaching. How do I get stronger or better on my left side? From a right handed student and vice versa from a left handed student on their right side. It’s sometimes hard enough to learn a technique you’re not familiar with on the dominate side of your body. Then, you go to try it on your non dominate side and feel like a baby deer trying to walk for the first time. It can be very frustrating.

I think I have pretty good hand, eye, foot coordination. I give credit to the fact that my father taught me how to play the drums when I was six years old and that I played professionally for over ten years. Now, I’m not saying you have to go out and play the drums or get involved in another activity. However, there are things you can do in your day to day life to help you achieve equal power on both sides of your body. It’s very simple!

It’s as simple as, take something you do with one side and try doing it on the other side. Here are some examples and then you can start being more creative on your own.

– What hand do you brush your teeth with? Try switching hands one morning and see how it feels. It’ll prob feel very awkward. Try sticking with it for a few days.

– I usually keep my keys in my right pocket and my cell phone in my left. Some days I’ll switch them to force myself to think about using the other side of my body. The same goes for your wallet. If it’s in your right cheek pocket, try putting it in the left cheek pocket.

– Do you enjoy eggs, bacon, pancakes, or anything flip-able for breakfast? Try flipping it over with your non dominate hand. Have some napkins handy just in case.

– While we are on the topic of food, try and eat with the utensil(s) in your other hand. This is not something you should be getting angry over and smashing all of your dishes. Instead, try and take a bite or two with your other hand. If it’s too frustrating then switch and try again at the next meal.

See how simple it is! Now this won’t get you to master your non dominate side. You still need to go into a training center and put work in on both sides of your body. These are just little things you can start to do today that will help kick start your brain into using both sides of your body as equal.

Come up with cool ideas on your own and see what it does for your technique, speed, and power. Hope you got some cool ideas from this.

Train hard and never quit!

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