Embrace The Suck

Embrace The Suck

We all suck at something! Not everyone is great at everything, at least from the start. As an instructor in the genre of fighting and fitness I have heard most of the excuses in the book. Trying a new skill or routine can be a very big deal for a person who has never done it before, or hasn't done it in a long time. Most of the time it can be boiled down to "Well what if I suck?" or "I don't want to embarrass myself". You might not be good at it on the first try, but there is something that everyone can do and that's SHOW UP! 

The Winter Olympics are on t.v. right now and people are always saying "They make it look so easy!". Well, yeah of course. If you spent years, and years, and years, hours, and hours, and hours on something you'd look amazing also. The secret to that kind of success is... you guessed it, they all sucked! Any athlete, musician, writer, etc... all had a day one where they knew nothing.  

I challenge you to take something that you've always wanted to do and go suck at it. You might feel bad about it in the very beginning, but that is a completely normal feeling to feel. What will also happen is that you will be instantly put on a path. As soon as you find out how you suck then you can really start to grow. Allow yourself to suck, embrace it, learn from it, then grow. 

Show indomitable spirit and approach every task with a positive attitude.

Show perseverance and never give up. 


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