Wristbands for a cause

Wristbands for a cause


Krav Maga Mahopac wants to donate to a great cause and we need your help! Putnam Community Cares is a community wide project that provides help for families of school-aged children who have a parent dealing with cancer or another major medical illness. They help manage normal household tasks including meals donated by local restaurants, household cleaning, laundry wash and fold services, and a network of support to mom's and dad's faced with a major medical illness while trying to raise children. 


My father, Robert S Morelli, passed away from cancer in 2014. One of the things I was grateful for, and that we were in no lack of, was support from our family and friends. Unfortunately, not every household has such a big caring family like my own and the effects of any major disease could make the simplest tasks seem impossible. When I found out about Community Cares and the services they provide I wanted to help any way I could. 


We are asking folks to donate $1 to receive a Krav Maga Mahopac Self Defense and Fitness wristband. Each dollar donated for a wristband will be donated to Putnam Community Cares in Mahopac, NY. If you are interested in a wristband please reach out to us by either stopping by our studio at 485 US-6 in Mahopac, NY, calling (845) 803-8429, or shoot us an email at info@kmmahopac.com. (picture of wristbands below)

For more info on how you can donate further please visit www.communitycares.org, or call (845) 621-2273



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