Fitness Kickboxing Classes In Mahopac

Build Strength And Get Fit With Our KM Bag Fitness Kickboxing Classes

Looking for the best way to combine total-body fitness workouts and serious strength training? KM Bag at Krav Maga Mahopac is the answer. 

This high-energy Fitness Kickboxing Class helps you build power and endurance in no time with a curriculum built around the heavy bag. Combine elements of Boxing, Kickboxing, and Krav Maga combatives today and see results like never before. 

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Train Every Inch Of Your Body In Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes

Consider this the all-access pass of fitness training classes. No part of your body is left behind. 

KM Bag Fitness Kickboxing at Krav Maga Mahopac is a high-energy, ever-changing program that pushes you to the limit every single day. 

You'll take on...

  • Bodyweight workouts
  • Partner exercises
  • Jump ropes
  • Kettlebell training
  • Heavy bag routines (boxing gloves required) 
  • And more!

...on the path to a heart-racing, fat burning workout.

And the best part is, our Fitness Kickboxing classes are great for all abilities. We're happy to scale movements to fit your unique skills and experience level.

Enjoy Sustainable Results In No Time

Because this program is ever-changing and never repetitive, your body will never reach that dreaded comfort zone. Avoid the trap of the plateau with our Fitness Kickboxing Classes today. 

You'll build muscles across your body like never before and develop a dynamic athleticism that you didn't know was possible. 

After just a few weeks in the KM Bag classes at Krav Maga Mahopac, you'll notice:

  • Healthy, sustainable weight loss
  • Functional strength and power
  • Boosted speed and agility
  • Unwavering confidence in yourself

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Take The First Step Today - Learn More About Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes In Mahopac!

Don't spend another day looking for the best fitness classes in Mahopac and Carmel. Join us at Krav Maga Mahopac and take on our incredible KM Bag Fitness Kickboxing Classes. You'll never look back.

Learn more today by filling out the short form on your screen. We'll be happy to answer all of your questions right away. 

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